Lab meetings

  • Monday, 9:30-11:00am, Zweifach library.

Presentation, lectures, meetings

  1. October-15-2012 to October-19-2012: 2nd Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conference on High Throughput Biology, Suzhou, China
  2. October-12-2012 to October-15-2012: Welcome Trust Epigenomics of Common Disease 2012, Baltimore, MD
  3. June-12-2012 to June-17-2012: ISSCR annual meeting, Yokohama, Japan
  4. June-7-2012 to June-8-2012: NIH study section, Chicago, IL
  5. May-14-2012 to May-15-2012: NIH Epigenomics Grantee meeting, Bethesda, MD
  6. April-16-2012 to April-17-2012: NIH Single Cell Analysis Workshop, Bethesda, MD
  7. April-11-2012 to April-12-2012: NHGRI Advanced Sequencing Technology Development Meeting, San Diego, CA
  8. Mar-20-2012: DOE-JGI User meeting, Walnut Creek, CA
  9. Mar-18-2012: ABRF annual meeting, Orlando, FL
  10. Mar-02-2012: Bioinformatics Colloquium, UT El Paso, TX
  11. Jan-17-2012 to Jan-22-2012: Keystone Symposia, Keystone, CO
  12. Nov-2-2011 to Nov-5-2011 World Conference on Regenerative Medicine (Leipzig, Germany)
  13. Oct-18-2011 to Oct-21-2011 NHGRI-CEGS Grantee meeting (Boston, MA)
  14. Oct-4-2011 World Stem Cell Summit (Pasadena, California)
  15. Sep-13-2011 to Sep-17-2011 CIRM Grantee meeting (San Francisco, CA)
  16. Aug-04-2011 to Aug-06-2011 NIBS visit (Beijing, China)
  17. Jul-30-2011 to Aug-03-2011 CIBS 9th Bi-annual meeting (Zhang Jia Jie, China)
  18. Jul-25-2011 to Jul-29-2011 SCBA Symposium (Guangzhou, China)
  19. Jun-15-2011 to Jun-19-2011  ISSCR (Toronto CA)
  20. Mar-17-2011 JGI
  21. Feb-23-2011  UC Riverside
  22. Feb-03-2011  UC Irvine
  23. Jan-13-2011   UCSD Frontier in Bioinformatics & Systems Biology Colloquium. (La Jolla, CA)
  24. Dec-15-2010  MCG Cancer Center. (Augusta, GA)
  25. Dec-9-2010  NYMU-UCSD Joint Symposium. (La Jolla, CA)
  26. Nov-3-2010  ASHG annual meeting. (Washington, DC)
  27. Oct-29-2010 ABCAM Reprogramming and Stem Cells. (Las Vegas, NV)
  28. Oct-28-2010 NHGRI CEGS grantee meeting. (Tempe, AZ)
  29. Oct-11-2010  UCSD IGM Inaugural Symposium. (La Jolla, CA)
  30. Sept-27-2010  UTSPH Human Genetics Center. (Houston, TX)
  31. Sept-2-2010 NIH-HMP network meeting. (St. Louis, MO)
  32. May-25-2010  American Society of Microbiology Annual Meeting.  (San Diego, CA)
  33. May-19-2010 Scripps Genomics. (La Jolla, CA)
  34. Apr-15-2010 USC Molecular and Computational Biology. (Los Angeles, CA)
  35. Apr-07-2010 NHLBI Exome Program meeting. (Washington, DC)
  36. Apr-06-2010 John Hopkins University. (Baltimore, MD)
  37. Mar-15-2010 CHI’s XGen Congress: Epigenetics. (San Diego, CA)
  38. Feb-5-2010 UCSD Medical Informatics. (La Jolla, CA)
  39. Dec-14-2009 UCLA Department of Genetics. (Los Angeles, CA)
  40. Nov-05-2009 NIH Epigenome Grantee Meeting. (Bethesda, MD)
  41. Oct-16-2009 Illumina. (San Diego, CA)
  42. Oct-14-2009 UW Department of Genome Sciences. (Seattle, WA)
  43. Jul-15-2009 FASEB Epigenetics, Chromatin and Transcription Conference. (Snowmass, CO)
  44. Jun-03-2009 UCSD IGM/JCVI Joint Symposium. (La Jolla, CA), “Targeted resequencing of the human exome and methylome”.
  45. Mar-31-2009 NHGRI Sequencing Technology Grantee Meeting. (La Jolla, CA)
  46. Mar-18-2009 CHI 2009 Next Generation Sequencing Conference (San Diego, CA)
  47. Dec-09-2009 NHLBI Exome project grantee meeting. (Washington, DC)
  48. Nov-14-2008 ASHG 2008 (Philadelphia, PA).
  49. Nov-04-2008 Metagenomics 2008 (La Jolla, CA).
  50. Oct-24-2008 UCSD BE281 seminar
  51. Oct-21-2008 IBC’s 2008 Discovery2Diagnostic (San Diego, CA).
  52. Apr-24-2008 CHI Next Generation Sequencing Conference (San Diego, CA), “Targeted sequencing of the human genome and transcriptome.”
  53. Apr-02-2008 UCSD-BILD94. “Bioinformatics in personal genomes.”
  54. Mar-20-2008 NHGRI Sequencing Technology Grantee Meeting (La Jolla, CA), “Targeted Exome Resequencing with Gen-2 eMIPs.”
  55. Feb-21-2008 UCSD-Research Expo2008.
  56. Jan-16-2008 UCSD-BENG1. “System biology and genetic individuality”